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high fidelity audio


As one of the first boutiques in Montreal specializing in high fidelity audio, we have seen many brands come and go over the years. Through long experience we’ve become very selective and knowledgeable in the products we provide.

Talk to any of our advisors and you’ll find a sympathetic ear tuned to helping you find the electronic component or system* that exactly matches your needs.

How do we do this?

  • by listening with you in our store to identify products that fit your tastes and requirements
  • by visiting your home to better understand the acousticwiring and control needs of your listening environment
  • by professionally installing the system in your home
  • we sign off only when the installation has successfully passed the ultimate listening test: you, with your music

To deserve the term system, the components of a high-fidelity installation must be selected to work together seamlesslysynergistically and controlled effortlessly, whether by an iPad, Creston or other device.

video and television

Digital video recorderssmart TVsmultimedia serversvideo streaming… What used to be a simple television has morphed into a home-entertainment centre and communication portal straight out of a Star Trek movie.

Whether you’re a neophyte or experienced with these technologies, stop by and talk to one of our advisors. Smart TV or high-end Blu-ray player? We’re always keen to discuss and demonstrate the features of the latest video and television components, so that you’ll be able to make an informed choice between competing and often overlapping technologies.

Once you’ve defined your needs, rest assured that we’ll guide you to the right equipment for you. We’ll also make sure that the technology works for you, and not the other way around.


home theater


Home theatre : two small words that evoke endless hours of pleasure lost in a movie in an enchanting setting with sound quality that puts the local cineplex to shame.

Whether in your living room or in a dedicated home-cinema installation, it is possible to recreate a true cinema experience. Our product range has no limit. Drop by and try out our in-store high-end home theatre system : see what is possible with an ultra-high resolution projector, a custom wide-screen lens and the JBL Synthesis audio system, the best on the market today. You won’t want to go back to the movie theatre!

We also specialize in integrating your home-theatre with home automation, and our advisors are masters in the art of selecting the best components, installing them and, if desired, providing proper acoustic treatment of your room.

By pushing a button, the projector turns on, the blinds close, the lights dim… and your movie begins!


We believe that any installation should integrate seamlessly with your way of life. Whether it’s high-end audiovideomulti-zonelighting or motorized blinds, or home security, we work closely with you to select the products that fit your tastes and your way of interacting with the system.

We believe in impeccableworry-free and discrete installation. All wiring is hidden inside walls, electronic components mounted in custom racks, while flat-panel screens are mounted on wall racks. For the ultimate in discrete elegance, we also offer mirror-screen televisions.

From tubes to transistors, from modern to retro, our selection of electronic components covers all technologies and designs. Whether you prefer discrete speakers or floor-standing models that become the focal point of your living room, we have the brands that will do justice to your audio and video collections and tastes.

We believe in long-term satisfaction. We guarantee it, through attentive support before, during and after installation. Should your lifestyle change, rest assured that we’ll be here, as we have been, for more than 50 years.


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Audioshop is located at :
806 Atwater, Montreal, QC, H4C 2G9 Phone : 514-871-0091

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