high-end headphones


For the love of sounds

If you are looking for high quality and want the best sound experience, you should probably be choosing a pair of high-end headphones. Just like speakers, high-fidelitymake an enormous difference with headphones.

These headphones have been thought, drawn and created by engineers who had only one thing in mind: recreate the most clear and precise sounds. Thus, you will be listening to your music, TV shows and movies the right way. It will definitely be a new experience for those who have never tried high-end headphones before.

With customized amplifiers, these headphones stand out by giving you the luxury of enjoying an optimized sound quality. You will also benefit from a calibrated and adjusted amplification.

Try the best high-end headphones with models such as the STAX, the Sennheiser HD800, the Hi-Fi MAN HE-500… Come experience the best sound quality on the market with our headphones.

in-ear headphones

Closer to your music

Either it is to carry them to the gym, to the office or in your cozy living room, in-ear headphones distinguish themselves with their small size. They are the best alternativefor listening to your favorite music wherever you are, since they are easy to store and can always be close to you.

However, it is not because they are small that they don’t sound great. Designed for the best tracks of your music collection, these little gems will astonish you with rich, refined and realistic sounds. The comparison with other types of headphones is impressive and it may explain why we started to see them everywhere during the last few years.

On top of being cozy and small, they act as ear-plugs to cancel ambient noises. With these headphones you will be able to take a real break from the outside world while listening to your music.

Finally, since they are smaller, these headphones consume less battery power so you will be able to listen to your music for a while longerCome see us in store and try our wide range of in-ear headphones while our experts guide you.


wireless headphones


The love of sounds, no strings attached

Perfect for home use, wireless headphones are great to listen to your music or movies in every room without being stuck with a long wire always tangling up. You will improve the look of your sound system and will have total freedom during your listening session.

You will be able to use your wireless headphones everyday for long sessions thanks to their rechargeable battery. You will only have to put them on their dock after using them to recharge their battery. This way they will be ready when you will want to use them again.

There is also a wide range of bluetooth in-ear headphones if you wish to listen to music while travelling or doing your mundane activities.

Visit us in order to check out our extensive collection of wireless headphones to consequently find the headphone set that best fits you.

noise-cancelling headphones

Your audio source, nothing else

As they were originally invented for the plane pilots in the 1950s, the noise-cancellation technology was initially designed to protect the pilot’s ears of the engine and shooting noises. These technologies greatly improved over the years and are now used in domestic headphones to help you listen to your music or movies.

Whether you are trying to escape from the noises of the cars coming from outside your house, or from the noises made by your children who should maybe spend less time inside your house, you’ll never have to increase the volume of your audio system again.

On top of that, noise-cancellation headphones will allow you to enjoy a wide range of sounds and listen to low frequencies which is perfect for movies and music.

So whether you are listening to your favorite action movie or a classical music channel, you will be able to concentrate on nothing else and escape from the outside worldCome visit us and talk with our experts who will help you choose the best noise-cancellation headphones for your needs.


open headphones


Open yourself to the sounds

With a far superior sound quality, open-ears headphones are often the first choice of audiophiles who are looking for the best sound during the listening sessions. You will be offered a wide range of models with very specific features but with one thing in common: an astonishing sound quality.

Open-ears headphones set distinguish themselves with clear sounds which recreate perfectly the frequencies of what you are listening to. So whether you are listening to a song, a TV show or a movie, you will be listening to it the right way.

These headphones are designed to be light and cozy. As you pass numerous hours with these headphones, as opposed to regular headphones, you will never hurt your ears or your head again.

These models are available in numerous sizes to perfectly fit your needs. You will be able to choose between big or small models depending on if you plan to use your headphones at home or on the go.

closed headphones

Between you and your music

When you listen to music in public places or in your house, you’ve probably wondered if people around you heard what you were listening to. For all those kind of situations, closed-ears headphones are the best option as they create an isolated sound environment in which your music resonate perfectly.

Just as open-ears headphones, closed-ears headphone benefit from a reputably more comfortable design than traditional headphones. This way, it is entirely possible to listen to your favorite music restlessly for hours.

This specific design cancels ambient noises and thus allows you to focus on what you are listening to. Consequently, you won’t be disturbed by people talking around you or by any other noises coming from your surroundings.

Finally, closed-ears headphones are usually better than most headphones to recreate low frequencies. Therefore, you will attain a higher sound quality; you will finally access the maximum potential of your music and movie library.




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