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Take control

Remote controls are like rabbits: they will quickly multiply to the point where controlling numerous electronic components becomes a real headache. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With home automation you can integrate and centralize control of all your electronic componentsonto a single device, be it an iPhoneiPadCreston or other custom controller. No matter which device you choose, or where you decide to mount it, you’ll have complete control of your home theatre, lighting, security cameras and audio system, at your fingertips.

Simplifying your life is our speciality.

smartphones and tablets

System controller or music source? How about both?

top-quality dock – and we’ve selected a few good ones – will turn your iPadiPhone or Android device into a terrific source for your sound system. Prefer a mini-system? We’ve listened to many and found those that stand apart from the pack.

If you prefer to retain all the functionality of your phone while playing music, we have dock-free audio receivers that will let you stream from your iPhone wirelessly via Bluetooth to a sound system. Browsetextemail or play games while listening. Turn up the volume of your favourite song from your phone. Accept phone calls; music will pause and resume after your call is concluded.

New to music servers? We’ll gladly demonstrate how a centralized source can serve all your music needs no matter how many devices you have or where you listen.




Dim the lights

If you’re wondering how you can control your home lighting from your iPad, iPhone or Android device, you’ve come to the right place. Let us show you how you can turn your phone or tablet into a centralized control point that puts you in command.

We can also show you how wireless lighting can give you even greater control of your luminous environment while eliminating many of the traditional obstacles like hardwiring, complex installation, and cost.

We’ll look after the installation and provide any support you might need, in our usual professional way.

security cameras

Watch over your home from anywhere

With an internet protocol (IP) camera, you’ll have video surveillance of your home that you can view live from anywhere you have network access. Through Crestron home automation, you’ll have complete control over your home cameras.

Video is streamed live through your home network or through the internet to your smartphone, tablet or internet browser with the simple use of a login ID and password. You can record security footageon the hard disk of a local computer for future reference, or set up the cameras to email you an alert when motion is detected.

We can place security cameras wherever you need in order to protect your property. We integrate the devices into your home, and make them simple and convenient to use




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